AR Book Cover

Forget the old phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover.”


I’m using Augmented Reality to take the print medium to new and exciting places, and the response to this work has shown many people are ready to be taken there.


A book is a window into another world, which is in essence what Augmented Reality is. With an AR book cover, the cover acts as a window into the physical shape of the book itself, providing us with a glimpse of the world contained within the book.


People of all ages feel a sense of magic when the flat image in front of them opens up into another dimension.


For New and Old Books Alike

An Augmented Reality book cover can be created for new titles, or old titles can be adapted to include this new AR feature.

If a book already has a million copies in circulation, we can make an effect that will retroactively work on all those million copies. This AR effect will also work wherever the image is shown, be it a poster, billboard or digital image.


How it Works


This effect is achieved through the Facebook camera. Easily accessible by any user or parent with the Facebook app on their phone and a copy of the book. The Facebook camera effect will activate when a phone scans a QR code (can be included in printing of the book)

QR code for this AR Book Cover. All phone cameras recognize QR codes by default.

QR code for this AR Book Cover. All phone cameras recognize QR codes by default.


These AR images work best when we have a very layered image like this, creating a deep depth of field into the book cover design. As seen below.

image_preview (1).jpeg


The AR book cover was shared around Twitter, picking up close to a million views on one video over a single weekend, and featured across various publications, such as VR Scout and Bored Panda. This new technology clearly captures the imagination of users.

iamloveAR Twitter.jpg
iamloveAR VR Scout.jpg


For a standalone AR experience, development costs would start at £5k for an essential build.

I’d be happy to discuss or suggest additional features such as interactivity, animation and sound to create a richer experience. There’s potential to create story points or even a mini game.

I’d also be able to create video content, tailored specifically to encouraging readers to try out the AR feature, as well as offer strategy around the campaign.


Thanks! If you have any questions please get in touch.

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