Welcome to my new website!

For the past few years I've been running 2 websites, and

I felt I needed a separation between my professional and personal work, so became the platform for my professional work and became the platform for my personal work. It fractured my online presence and confused people looking for my work. 

Many who were looking for my personal art and film projects were coming to me via my professional work website. It was a mess and I stopped lovingly tending to either of my websites (also dealing with Wordpress was a pain! I've now switched to Squarespace). For a long time I've wanted to consolidate all my work and online presence to one  platform. I caught whispers that a new .ART domain extension was coming out.. Perfect! I'll create and rebirth my online presence there I thought.. the release of the new .ART domain extension kept getting delayed again and again. But now it's out! It looks cool! So here is my new website. All previous websites of mine will now all redirect here, and here I shall be  active.

Stay tuned!