Way of the Heart Animation

I created an animation of a page from my colouring book. A wonderful fluctuation of colours and motion!

Sitting at around 1800 copies of the book sold. Thanks to everyone who picked it up! Bonkers to think that 1800 people out there somewhere have something I made sitting in their house.

Some people have asked about a follow up colouring book. To be honest I've moved onto some other neat projects (and I've found keeping them secret is the best way to get them finished!) But I've been considering a follow up colouring book in the way of small volume instalments that I would sell on my website. 

My original colouring book has 46 illustrations in it.. and who in their right mind would colour all those pages! I think it would be better to have a smaller, lower value book with 5 or so top notch illustrations to colour. If it is well received, further instalments could be created.

It would be like buying comic book issues as opposed to one huge graphic novel.

Alexander WardComment