Journeys in Brasov


After my week in Western Romania, I caught an overnight train all night to Brasov, one of my favourite places in Romania. A small city tucked in between the mountains.

I stayed with a friend who is in the process of setting up a 'Life Appreciation Center', called 'Samadhi' in the area. Check out his work here:

I also met up with Howard G Charing, who we have to thank for his early work in opening many paths to the jungle and medicine work. He published Pablo Amaringo's wonderful book of visions, and has recently published a new book on his own journey called 'The Accidental Shaman'. See his work:

Brasov is a 30 minute bus ride to the snowboard resort in Poiana, so naturally I spent a couple days there too!


Next was to the Capitol Bucharest!

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